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Our Optimal Health Program



Dr. Alessio is a Certified Health Coach dedicated to helping others lose weight and achieve long term success by creating healthier habits.  She also mentors those who decide to help others adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors. She thrives on helping others create success in all aspects of their lives: body, mind, financial freedom. There is nothing more fulfilling to her than to help others create balance in their lives and empower others with taking control of their health!


Healthy weight loss is the beginning of your optimal health journey! As you work toward Optimal Health, you will be  will be surrounded with a community of support and learn to make the choices that will empower you to take charge of your health for the long-term! You will be exposed to a physician directed program that will help to educate and guide you on the road to health!

Are you ready to make these changes with the support of a health coach which is at no cost to you? We will mentor you on this journey through each phase of the plan, from weight loss to optimal health. 

Our program is recommended or utilized by over 25,000 doctors. It is safe, rapid, and clinically proven. We recommend it for anyone who is ready to make a change.

We offer a free consult to those of you interested in hearing more about the program to see if it is a good fit for you. Just fill out this form for free and one of our Health Coaches will be in touch! 

If you like more information, please call 973-667-8889.

Are you struggling with Weight Loss
and/or Maintaining your Weight?

Are you ready to make a long term change?

If you could have Optimal Health, would you want it?

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