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Dear Patients,


FLU SEASON: We have flu shots in office. We also have high dose flu for >65 year old patients. Please call and schedule a vaccine appointment today!  2022-2023 flu season information 

TELEMEDICINE: If you test positive for COVID19, we are here for you and can connect you with your provider in real time through virtual visits, either by video or telephone, to manage your healthcare needs. We offer telemedicine visits through You can access this site from either your computer or phone. 


ANNUAL WELLNESS VISIT: If you are over 65 years of age and/or have Medicare coverage, you are entitled to an Annual Wellness Visit at no additional cost to you. Together, we will construct  your Preventative Health Plan for the future!

What is an Annual Wellness Visit? Click here: https://www.medicare. gov/coverage/yearly-wellness- visits

Please contact our office at 973-667-8889 to schedule your Annual Wellness virtual visit.
We will determine if and when you are due for this type of visit.
We will then schedule a time to speak to one of our practitioners
Prior to the actual telemedicine or telephone visit, you will be asked some preliminary questions by one of our medical assistants.

WELLNESS PROGRAM: The holidays are around the corner! We want to remind you that we offer a comprehensive program that can assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improve weight loss. Please let us know if you are interested! You can schedule a virtual or phone consultation to see if this program is a match for you!

Click here for more information



NOW is the time to get healthy!

Thank you & Have a wonderful Fall season!

Olde Towne Optimal Health

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