Dear Patients,


We remain committed to delivering the highest quality of care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your health is always our top priority.


COVID19 UPDATES: We understand there are many questions surrounding COVID19. We've received many calls regarding antibody testing. At this time, we have been advised by the NJ Department of Health to NOT test for antibodies as there is an increased rate of false positives. You can find more information on pages 13, 14. Click here: health/cd/documents/topics/ NCOV/COVID19_public_faqs.pdf


Please understand that these tests are still new and not always reliable. Should you still want to be tested, please schedule an appointment with us.


TELEMEDICINE: We are here for you and can connect you with your provider in real time through virtual visits, either by video or telephone, to manage your healthcare needs. We offer telemedicine visits through You can access this site from either your computer or phone. 


ANNUAL WELLNESS VISIT: Now is the perfect time to schedule your Annual Medicare Wellness Visit in the comfort of your home!

If you are over 65 years of age and/or have Medicare coverage, you are entitled to an Annual Wellness Visit at no additional cost to you. Together, we will construct  your Preventative Health Plan for the future!

What is an Annual Wellness Visit? Click here: https://www.medicare. gov/coverage/yearly-wellness- visits

Please contact our office at 973-667-8889 to schedule your Annual Wellness virtual visit.
We will determine if and when you are due for this type of visit.
We will then schedule a time to speak to one of our practitioners
Prior to the actual telemedicine or telephone visit, you will be asked some preliminary questions by one of our medical assistants.

AVOID THE QUARANTINE 15: We understand it can be difficult to avoid the fridge while you’re home during this time. This is why we want to remind you that we offer a comprehensive program that can assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improve weight loss. Please let us know if you are interested! You can schedule a virtual or phone consultation to see if this program is a match for you!

Click here for more information



NOW is the time to get healthy!


As always, we are still in the office on a limited schedule AND we are available for telemedicine/telephone visits for all our patients during these extraordinary times.

Thank You and Stay Safe!

Olde Towne Optimal Health